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Kia has launched the new 2017 Kia Rio, at the next Auto show from Paris. The 4th gen Model comes with an all-new, Adults, a View that is sure to attract many Fans. The Kia Rio comes with a Square jawed look Thanks to the combined Efforts of Designers in the UNITED states, Germany, and those, at the Company’s Headquarters in South Korea.

Unfortunately, Kia only to demonstrate the Hatchback in Paris, because the Sedan version is not sold in France. The Kia Rio is a very important Car for the Korean Manufacturer. In 2015, more than 473,000 Units of the Model have been sold. The new Model, which is the Sales of over 500,000 Units in 2017, the Model of the Year. Read for more information:


2017 Kia Rio to the Outside

Design Way, the Kia Rio is matured. The new design borrows from the design of new, and we have seen, Kia Vehicle size. The new Kia Rio sees sports and comes with lots of straight lines and the soft Lines of the large Step from the previous one at Low price-look.

The new Development of the brand’s tiger-Nose Grille launches a new design. The Grille is wider and shorter in Height. The Hood and front overhangs are larger in size. The Grille is flanked by bi-Function U-shaped, LED Spotlights, the front Look elegant. The bumper has also been revised incorporating new Fog lights. The Rear also seems to be sporting. It is characterized by a near-vertical Tailgate Window, thin Arrow heart-shaped LED rear Lights, a modified Roof spoiler and a new Diffuser element.

Dimension Way, the Kia Rio is 0.6 inches longer and 0.2 Inches wider than the previous model. The Model is low, at a Height of 0.2 Inches. Its Wheelbase is 0.4 Inches longer. These Figures do not see as significant, They have in Effect helped the Model to achieve a balanced Attitude.


2017 Kia Rio Interior

The Cabin has also been completely renewed. For a start, finished the many Plastics, the Cover of the Dashboard; They have been replaced by better Materials. The dash is also more and more Runners centered. It is characterized by a ‘floating’ high-resolution, touch Screen, mounted in the Middle. Unlike the previous model, the Trait is much more clean and tidy.


The Interior is also in black or Grey upholstery fabric on the seats. High-end models have black or synthetic Leather Padding. The new Padding has contributed to another premium look for the Model. Buyers can also choose a Red Pack adds red and black in synthetic Leather Cushions on the seats. A high-Gloss black and metallic trim with all of the Options, the furnishings. The Kia Rio also features Trapezoid-shape, A/C, openings in the Corners. Other revised features, or the steering wheel, the transmission tunnel and the Armrests. The Model also features a new Dashboard and new door panels.

the Leg space for rear Passengers is a little better, with the kind Permission of the slight Increase of the Wheelbase. The Automaker also showed that the Kia Rio to offer the Class to Read, Practicality and Safety, Technology and connectivity features. The Model is easier to handle and offer a Driving experience more engaging.


Engine Specs and Performance

Kia t has not revealed details about the Engines, the power output of the 2017 Kia Rio. But the Model is expected to be offered in a Range of Engines in Europe and a single Drive-Train in the UNITED states. The current Model is sold in the UNITED states are produced 138-HORSEPOWER and is EPA evaluates the 27 mpg and 38 mpg in the City and on the Highway.

We believe that the new Model will be a powerful and fuel efficient Engine. Oriented on performance, Kia Rio is also probably. More Information will be available, if the Model has made its Debut on the Auto show in Paris.


Price and release Date

As the Engine, Kia is yet to release details on the Price of the 2017 Kia Rio. However, because of the Variety of new changes, in 2017, the Kia Rio are more expensive than the previous model. The current Model starts at $ 15,495 in the UNITED states, the new Model is likely to start at around $ 16,500.

in addition to the Sedan, the Manufacturer aims to have a Sedan version in the UNITED states, which is attracting a starting Price of$ 15,000. The Production starts at the End of the Year, with Sales starting towards the End of the first Quarter of 2017.



The Kia Rio is slowly catching up with the “big Girl” in this segment. Models the top to beat in this segment, the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo.

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