2017 Honda Clarity fuel cell

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As currently stated, the strong> 2017 Honda Clarity cell will be accessible in the United States the finish of 2016, but only in specific regions of California. At 2016 Auto Show in Washington, DC, Honda has confirmed it would commence renting autos for retail shoppers in California selected markets by the finish of 2016. The company also confirmed that the hydrogen automobile fuel cell would have a price tag tag of about $ 60,000, with a rate of monthly rent of significantly less than $ 500.This price is extremely close to the cost base of $ 57,500 and $ 499 rental price for the 2016 model Toyota Mirai, which is on sale prior to eight Toyota dealers in California. The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell is also accessible for rent in California, at a rate of $ 499 per month at chosen Hyundai dealers. Echoing reports to the 2015 Los Angeles Motor Show, Honda revealed that in 2017 Clarity would be offered initially at choose dealers. There will in the Orange County and Los Angeles, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay.

 width 2017 Honda Clarity before

2017 Honda Clarity Exterior

the 2017 Honda hybrid sedan will run on a revolutionary platform that will be utilised by the dedicated plug-in hybrid model that the company plans to launch in 2018. This platform will aid Honda allocation to distribute the costs of operating the low capacity clarity to a version that is estimated to sell in massive quantities. The very same platform can also be used for an electric auto battery that Honda will launch in 2018. Whilst its essential class competitors such as the Tucson Fuel Cell is based on a recent version. Toyota Mirai also utilizes a separate platform, clarity will be the keystone to assistance versions.

2017 hand Honda Clarity


2017 Clarity comes with a huge spacious cabin to accommodate five adult occupants in a relaxed atmosphere. The new car would acquire most of its internal style prompts two idea cars available for Honda fuel cell. The vehicle would come prepared with Android Auto and Apple carplay much more detection Honda package with all necessary safety functions.

2017 Honda Clarity interior

engine, Fuel Cell

the auto manufacturer adopts a varied strategy to create one particular of the other automakers gave far. The fuel cell operates a 2017 Honda fuel cell of a new type, solid which makes it possible for all components to match in the hood. Fuel tanks, which are placed among the rear wheels and under the rear seat, allows the new vehicle crossing the maximum distance of 300 miles. The new clarity comes equipped with a hydrogen storage fuel tank with a satisfactory capacity to support the car for the sprint to the greater distance of 434 miles.

The new Honda hybrid is a midsize sedan, such as the front axle is driven by an impressive electric motor. The electric motor will be able to make peak energy of 174 hp and maximum torque of 221 lb-ft. The electric motor would acquire the necessary power from a difficult set of lithium-ion batteries, which is located upstairs. The battery will be mechanically charged by indicates of a stack of fuel cells while the automobile is moving. The new vehicle also acquires a larger acceleration for accomplishing the speed of 60 mph in the stationary mode is much less than 9 seconds.

The Release date and cost

2017 Honda Clarity release date is estimated at the latter component of 2016 and it can be purchased at the preliminary price of $ 60,000

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