2017 Citroen C3 prices, consumption, photos and specifications

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The Citroen of Brazil presents the line 2017 compact hatchback Citroen C3 – vehicle that is innovative connectivity features like Link MyCitroën, Mirror Screen and Car Play – accessible through a touch screen of 7 inches.

The model is offered in four configurations, with the following items and prices.

  • Citroen C3 2107 Origine : offered in dealerships by the promotional price of R $ 39,990 – the table value is R $ 44,990, bringing motor 1.5i Flex (93 hp) and range of content as air conditioning, electric power steering; glass, mirrors and power locks; Brakes with ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) + REF (Electronic Brake Distribution Frame); RD6 audio system with AM / FM radio, Bluetooth and USB input and auxiliary; among other items.
  • Citroen C3 2017 Attraction , with price R $ 48,990 reais , with the same equipment the origine, lighter alloy wheels, fog lights and windows with electric drive in four-door, LED daytime running lights, among other advantages. Media Center (R $ 1,850) as an option.
  • Citroen C3 2017 Tendance , available with engine options of 1.5i Flex (R $ 50,990 real ) or 120 VTi Flex Start (122 hp) – R $ 56,990 reais and box manual or automatic exchange options, adds windshield Zenith , alarm, rear parking sensor and function ECO Drive (in units with automatic transmission), and the Central optional Multimedia.
  • Citroen C3 2017 Exclusive , price of R $ 62,990 and serial delivery all equipment from previous versions, more Central Multimedia with navigation, digital air conditioning, leather steering wheel and electrochromic rearview, and interior trim with unique materials.

New media center the new line 2017 is the media Center with touchscreen 7-inch screen, which includes various connectivity technologies. The system is standard equipment on the top line Exclusive version and optional for C3 Attraction and Tendance, the price of R $ 1,850.00.

In the Media Center, the Citroen C3 becomes offered with subtle trim changes. The attration and Tendance versions gain air vents and internal controls for opening doors in silver satiny color, and internal door handles in black finish. The Tendance version also receives anti-theft alarm and rear parking sensor series.

Already Exclusive line top version, now 100% equipped with sequential automatic gearbox and Paddles Shifts, takes a more sober style with door handles in body color.

As automatic Tendance, now has the function ECO Drive, which allows the entry of an ECO law more in calculator (software) by changing the ratio of marches to favor consumptionCitroen C3 2017 -. external photos

Citroen C3 2017
Citroen C3 2017
Citroen C3 2017
Citroen C3 2017
Citroen C3 2017

Central new features Through a practical touch screen of 7 inches, it can be handle all the audio features, navigation and connectivity offered by Media Center:. AM / FM radio, Bluetooth (audio streaming), USB (audio with covers display and photo viewer), AUX (auxiliary), calculator and calendar

the new system offers many features such as:

  • MirrorScreen (MirrorLink + CarPlay);
  • Smartphone screen Doubling the screen media center;
  • Jukebox with 16 GB of memory for music storage;
  • voice recognition System through Smartphone;
  • USB 2.0 input with 1A current;
  • voice recognition System through Smartphone;
  • SmartApp Link MyCitroën *, allowing the storage of information about the vehicle in the customer’s Smartphone as fuel ., location, route taken, kilometers traveled, the next revision etc.
  • air conditioning digital:. the new plant will always be associated with the digital air conditioning

Mirror screen the “mirroring” or screen mirroring, is a function that allows the screen display of your smartphone on the vehicle screen. At Citroën, this feature is called “MirrorScreen.” The MirrorScreen has the following advantages:

  • Integration:. Respect for the style by doubling the smartphone on the screen 7 ”
  • Safety: visibility and ergonomics . preserved, available applications certified for a compatible use of driving, with two levels of information, as the vehicle moves
  • Simplicity:. display and control of compatible applications from the touch screen of 7 inches
  • Compatibility assured by two solutions:. MirrorLink for Androide and CarPlay system for Apple
  • Control:. use the same customer data package without additional cost of a second monthly

Voice recognition via Smartphone Linked to MirrorScreen function, voice recognition via Smartphone (like S-Voice for Android and Apple’s Siri) allows you to control functions of your smartphone remotely, without take the road of the eyes, by simply pressing the voice recognition button on the arrow key. Allows for example

  • Make calls;
  • Choose and play music;
  • Read and dictate text messages;
  • Use maps to obtain route;
  • Read notifications;
  • Find information on the calendar;.
  • Create reminders
  • to use these functions, you must have a compatible phone and connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth. Link MyCitroën Link MyCitroën is an application for Smartphone with branding Citroën, which interacts with the vehicle, retrieving and storing information as
    • Autonomy;
    • consumption of last week;
    • Odometer
    • the last path data;
    • vehicle location and continuity of navigation;.
    • Next review

    the Link MyCitroën Works via Bluetooth connection. The export information was developed for the Android and Apple platforms. With Link MyCitroën, the driver can see the most important information of your car, even at a distance. Mirror link

    For Android smartphones (via USB or WiFi *) , it is a new screen duplication protocol, developed under the Car Connectivity Consortium. The list of smartphones and compatible apps can be found in the link https://cert.mirrorlink.com/ProductListing/.

    Car Play

    For smartphones Apple (classic USB cable via the iPhone), from the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus. List of smartphones and compatible apps on https://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/ link.


    Ethanol consumption Gasoline consumption
    City Road City Road
    C3 1.5-8V Origine M-5 7.5 9.3 11.9 14 7
    C3 1.5-8V Tendance M-5 7.5 9.3 11 9 14.7
    C3 1.5-8V Exclusive M-5 7.5 9 3 11.9 14.7
    C3 1.5-8V Attraction M-5 7 5 9.3 11.9 14.7

    Security -the Citroen C3 was evaluated in 2015 by Latin NCAP and received 4 stars for front passengers, and 2 stars for rear seat passengers (children). – video below

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