2017 BMW i3 Changes, review, price, release date

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BMW appears to offer the 2017 BMW i3 a jerk of an extra variety that will boost the maximum driving distance of the all-electric vehicle to about 120 miles. If in reality it is reasonably a boost to the driving distance of 81 miles from the current model. An enhanced lithium-ion battery will make this improvement possible. This upgrade to the new i3 model puts the automobile in a working range. BMW has much more settings offered for 2017 i3 model, but it has not yet revealed.The rumors already recommended that additional variety for the i3 would come because of a battery of greater density, enhanced electronics and new software. The alterations could improve the driving range to more than 124 miles on the European test cycle. The automaker also give developments on the i3 extended range version of Rex and BMW would even supposed to allow existing owners to buy upgrades. The German automaker wants to provide these updates once in three years to preserve the electric car charge.

Viewing images 2014 model i3

2014 BMW i3 before

2014 BMW i3

2017 BMW i3 Redesign, outdoor

The exterior is anticipated to come with a fashionable and revolutionary style. For the new i3 model, the automaker takes its exterior style to another stage. With the usual practice of placing closest engine to the front wheels, BMW will now location the electric motor in the rear. The notion behind this change is to provide an extra piece wheels to turn and to simplify the process car parking.

The exterior of the BMW i3 subsequent generation must be integrated with a revolutionary integrated B-pillar, U shaped headlamps and keep the length of four meters. The body will be constructed by the liberal use of frivolous materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber, which causes the decrease in the overall physique weight of the new i3 per 300 lbs (about 136 kg) compared to that of its primary rival, the Nissan leaf.

2014 BMW i3 back

2017 BMW i3 interior

BMW has not changed significantly from the internal design and style, except for cosmetic adjustments in the cabin. As a result, the cabin of the BMW i3 in 2017 would come with higher-quality seats and far more glass lift in the vehicle front section to provide the driver a greater distance testing. All cabin seats will be covered with all-natural leather material environmentally. The interior will be provided with the existing BMW beige with unmatched skill set.


the BMW i3 engine section 2017 should be equipped with a potent engine to offer much better efficiency and greater distance through electrical power. This will make the new i3 robust competitor to compete effectively with the major competitors in its class. According to the reputable sources of company, the i3 2017 will be supplied with updates that make up the highest level increase its range of battery set. It will be provided with a variety of strong battery with the capacity that varies among 26 kWh and 30 kWh in contrast with 22 kWh capacity whole model from the battery.

In addition, the BMW i3 2017 series battery was enhanced to 120 miles. This will far more than that of all the existing model covering the distance of only 81 miles from the battery. In addition, through this set of drums, the new i3 get 25% to 30% much more power than the prior model. With this drum overall performance improvement, it reached the time to cover the distance of one hundred km in 7.two seconds, which is faster than the general age battery.

The release date and price

2017 BMW i3 release date is intended for the last quarter of 2016 or the starting 2017 new vehicle base price tag is estimated at $ 37,500 with out optional features simply because of the federal tax credit.

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