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Audi launches into a new industry segment by introducing the new model Q2 for model year 2017. 2017 Audi Q2 will be presented at the Geneva motor Show Intercontinental in by means of which the vehicle manufacturer will be to enhance the quantity Q series of automobiles. With suitable external dimensions, Q2 2017 model combines a youthful design with a higher level of functionality and a plethora of driving pleasure.infotainment, connectivity, and help from the life-size class. For the 2017 model, the automaker presented its Q2 2017 with six engine alternatives, two kinds of transmission systems, a horde of media drivers and security equipment, and the revolutionary group of glass gauge into a automobile technically qualified in the field of current crossovers.

2017 Audi Q2 modifications, Exterior

The subsequent generation Audi Q2 is decorated with some very appealing sheet metal. Its front fascia comes with the typical grid that was redecorated with an added aspect squared-off. The grid has the shape of polygon, whereas the C-pillar has a colour blade, which can be customized, close to very first cohort version R8. satin border and bigger nests of bees in the automobile before the automobile look at possible decade later. Satin boundary extends to the decrease front and covers roughly the entire width help its dimension of five.9 feet to emerge wider at the eye.

A reasonably sloped windshield meets the roof that tilts backward in the path of the C-pillars. The tallness decline summit is reached with the escalating height of the beltline. Just below the windows are the most stunning physique lines all more than the body. One particular set of projector flows and then divides into two rows just under the A-pillar. Each ridges continue in parallel, then they meet just before the rear door knob. The gap formed by these exact same parallel lines makes for an desirable declaration section.

At the rear, it is equipped with large lamps LED tail and satin chrome accent rises to the reduce component of the bumper. The new Q2 comes with a modest rear window, and it is attached with the giant C-pillars. The lower element of Q2 novel intelligent piece SUV as flowing above the wheel curves and near the base of the doors.
The new Audi Q2 2017 will be provided with alloy wheels 19 inches in diameter pleasantly created with 20 rays, away from the silver metallic finish, which tends to make the existing trend blackened borders seem ridiculously.
2017 model comes with the external dimension of 13.7 “(W) x five.9” (W) x 5. “(H). The length of its wheelbase is eight.five feet even though her weight vacuum is two,656 lbs (about 1272 kg)

2017 Audi Q2 inside

the 2017 cabin is developed to accommodate five people comfortably the dashboard is mildly redesigned and car. comes with the infotainment show pop-up, four circular air vents and the cover of the meter cluster of glass. A satin chrome accent divides the dashboard into reduced and upper sections, with lots of switches mounted on the center console . Switches to regulate the air conditioning are positioned just below, with 3 simple to use buttons and an intuitive sequence of keys.

The lower portion of the center console comes with sufficient space to hold drinks in front of the joystick. The volume of the radio important and the commence / quit button are parallel near the shifter, with Audi multimedia interface controls. The only hard buttons identified in the new vehicle include two rocker buttons in conjunction with a touch Back and Menu. All remaining entries are made by the rotary control button.

The new Audi Q2 comes with the newest electronic meter cluster, glass Audi. A monitor with the size of 12.three inches is comparable to the TT and R8 models. The adjustable display gives two main views, one particular with the tachometer and speedometer to the familiar screen, or these meters off the sides with the screen of the show card or entertainment, provided in center. The advantages of the screen both the significant and minor terms details.

cab will be supplied with a range of revolutionary colors. The door panels and the reduce part of the dashboard are accented with a teal shade. The attractive pronunciation tends to make the cabin feel significantly less gloomy and dull, adding with each other a look that can not be discovered in today’s cockpits. For auralphiles, Bang & amp amp Olufsen sound technique comes as an optional element of entertainment that generates a energy of 705 watts with 14 speakers. At night, the cabin is illuminated by LED lighting strips that supply a white light.


The power comes from three petrol and diesel engines with different displacements.
the base gasoline engine that will energy the new Q2 will be a three-cylinder TFSI engine with a capacity of 1. liters to provide the car with the highest energy of 116 horses. This Audi engine Q2 2017 gives buyers a better fuel cutback. The subsequent
discretionary gasoline engine is a four cylinder with the capacity of 1.four liter engine to offer the car with the highest power of 150 horses. This is appropriate for these who want added energy and fuel economy.

For these who still want extra power of 190 horsepower, they can choose a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of two. liters.
With regards to diesel engines, the fundamental TDI plant will be a four-cylinder engine with 1.six liters capacity to provide the car with the highest power of 116 horses.
the subsequent Audi Q2 2017 discretionary diesel engine will be a 4- cylinder engine with the identical capacity of two. liters. However, this is set in two measures, so that the simple setting variant offers the car with the highest power of 150 horsepower, whilst the peppier variant supplies the car with the highest energy of 190 horses.

 2017 Audi Q2

All engines provide superior acceleration that makes it possible for reaching a speed of 60 mph from the stationary mode in eight.five seconds and assist get the fastest speed of 136 mph.
diesel and two. liter petrol engines will be paired with an innovative double mechanical clutch transmission. The other discretionary transmission includes a manual transmission rates six and seven levels of mechanical transmission with double clutch S Tronic.
Q2 2017 model is also equipped with four driving modes, such as efficiency, comfort, dynamic and automatic. When equipped, every driving mode modifications the engine settings, counting adaptive damping, transmission shift patterns and steering really feel settings.

The release date and cost

2017 Audi Q2 release date must be the last quarter of 2016, the starting cost of $ 29,000

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2017 Audi Q2 Photographs

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