2017 5008 SUV: nice and promising. Listen!

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 2017 5008 5008 505 here and shows some sweet functions. He will try to enrich the overall C-segment, and trying to affect all Peugeot enthusiasts and critics. What we have here is very high-tech and regular supplements today means beautiful and confident. Of course, the Peugeot i-Cockpit Efficient Modular Platform 2 and can be used with many security systems. So this time and money

Exterior Design

5008 new aesthetic and diving and see if it is worth to us representing the brand vision for safe beauty. This means massive muscular and aggressive. And what is beauty where you ask? beauty, my friends, is a perfect combination of aggression and elegant details. Thin straight lines, curves and all unnecessary details to be enough just disappeared, there is. Here it. Pure beauty.

The signature LED mixed “claw” effect rear lights and large private and has a sleek design with flashy rims, chrome accents, a big and beautiful front grille with glossy black strip on the back, see. And yes, we like it.

Interior Design

 2017 5008

It looks just fine. And super hi-tech. each driving two displays to support the driver in case of entertainment, there are enough buttons and multifunction steering wheel. Although I personally do not like what the cabinet is additional cheap-looking plastic in various locations

But it is also an important feature of the new type of seat configuration. three matching length and tilt adjustable second row seats are folded separately. There are two removable folding seat in the third row. , And finally, but not least, a total of 1060 liters of luggage space

in terms of comfort and joy makes Peugeot team / 09/2017 PEUGEOT 5008 Back.jpg a good job” alt = “sound made with and also add some sweet treats massage system for the front seats surround more optional front body, HEAVY Premium Hi-Fi system, panoramic glass roof, depending on the mirror screen function and 3D navigation. System

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The help function also contributes to this feeling of comfort and pleasure. Buyers will be provided with advanced Grip Control, Hill Descent Control special, automatic emergency braking, distance warning, Active Lane Keeping Assistant, Driver Attention Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control and Intelligent Support Beam Assist. Cool.

Transmission System

 2017 5008

the new 5008 SUV Efficient Modular Platform has two and is the most recent 6.1- engines Euro. Customers have the choice of gasoline or diesel fuel for the system and will be glad to know diesel units and 108g / km to 117g / km in both systems, such as low CO2 emissions.

To provide, like me? We Peugeot team, I think it has done a good job. However, we can create a truly comprehensive examination of the vehicle rocks to see on the streets. In the meantime, stay with us this in 2017, it was formed in the spring


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