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Toyota of Brazil launches the 2016 version of the SW4 – model which now has its own identity, highlighted by the external and internal design restyled, more comfort, equipment, engine and unpublished transmission, and complete security system.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

off-road capability has also been enhanced. The model, produced in Zárate plant, Argentina, arrives at the dealer network throughout Brazil from February 18. The following video shows the new SUV in detail.


the new generation of SW4 will be offered to the Brazilian market, at first only in version SRX, with automatic transmission and seating for five and seven seats. In addition, two engines are available: the diesel engine Toyota 1GD, 2.8-liter, 177 bhp and 45.9 lb.-ft., the same team that the new Hilux, and the propellant V6 petrol 4.0-liter, 238 hp power and 38.3 Nm of torque (the latter available only in the seven-seat configuration). The automatic gearbox six-speed accompanying butterflies behind the steering wheel to the gear shift.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

Design external The external design of SW4 2016 incorporates identity. In relation to the current generation, SW4 2016 is 9 cm longer (total length of 4,795 mm), 1.5 cm wider (width 1,855 mm) and 1.5 cm lower (1,835 mm high), shortening 0.5 cm wheelbase (2,745 mm).

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

At the front, the chrome grille adopts a continuous basis over the bi-LED headlights with projector, daytime running lights (DRL) of LED system and “Follow me Home”. The fender adopts a well-defined three-dimensional shape with chrome bezels, giving depth to the fog lights.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

side view distinguishes the new icon on the SW4 2016 represented by three clear lines marked on the roof contour. The waist is emphasized by a chrome strip to the lower parts of the door.
Sculpted surfaces of the front and rear bumpers are highlighted by a shaft that connects the entire side of the SUV, where also stand the alloy wheels 18 “and tires measure 265/60 R18. The side sills, rear-view mirrors with electric folding, welcome lights, light outside, in order to facilitate access to the vehicle in low light situations, complete the set.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

On the back angle, the LED lights draw a continuous line the luggage rack, complementing with chrome frame that integrates the reverse camera . The rear fog lights and parking sensors are built into the bumper, reinforcing security, with a refined aesthetic touch.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

rear spoiler, the roof rails and the antenna, shark fin style (shark fin), give the car a sophisticated sense sportsmanship, to provide better aerodynamic performance. internal Design

the interior of the new Toyota SW4 has as highlight the lowering of the central panel, supported by columns made of soft materials to the touch, that they support the legs of the driver and passenger. Also, ensure a new distribution equipment, to improve the driving experience.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

refined touch of finishing materials, with metallic details and standard wood is everywhere, including in the lining of the two door- front panel gloves, one of which has a cooling function, culminating in a luxurious and durable interior.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

new SW4 brings a unified interior with blue lighting and equipment list which highlights the multifunction steering wheel with standard details wood system audio with touchscreen 7 “satellite navigator (GPS), digital TV, DVD, MP3, Bluetooth and six speakers. Also make up the list, the color multifunction display 4.2 “, surrounded by two columns of blue lights that form the information panel on fuel consumption, top speed, driving range, audio, navigation, outside temperature, as well as evaluation of driving mode, suggesting a more economical and enjoyable way.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

The front seats have a sporty design and are reinforced by the natural and ecological leather upholstery.

 New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017 - Interior
Toyota Hilux SW4 2016 – Indoor
 new Toyota Hilux SW4 2017 - Interior
Toyota SW4 2016 – internal details
 new Toyota Hilux SW4 2017 - Interior
Toyota SW4 2016 – back space
 new Toyota Hilux SW4 2017 - Interior
Toyota SW4 2016 – back space
 new Toyota Hilux SW4 2017 - Interior
Toyota Hilux SW4 2016-7 places
New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017 - Interior
Toyota Hilux SW4 2016 – trunk

in relation to the rear seats, the second row seats come with armrest 60/40 in the central position, with dual cupholders and backrest with longitudinal adjustment. To facilitate entry into the last row of seats, the second row has a new system of folding one touch, which reduces user effort. In the third row (also with one touch system), the backs were kept upright to increase the total capacity of the vehicle and improve even more its functionality. . Thus, the distribution in three rows of seats allows seven people adequately accommodate the vehicle Comfort

The comfort of the new SW4 is based on five pillars:

  • sound insulation of the cabin, reducing the typical noise of diesel engines, the versions equipped with this propellant, and also the external noise.
  • vibration Reduction transferred by any type of terrain, allowing a more comfortable and safe driving, under the new configuration in the arms of the rear suspension, optimized for four telescopic shock absorbers and adding a stabilizer bar, improving efficiency.
  • Excellent driving position, reducing stress in direction due to the adjustment of height and depth of the steering wheel and power driver’s seat. Moreover, the new design of better seats surrounding the occupant, being composed of a softer and more rigid center side seams.
  • climatization system. The air conditioning with automatic digital air conditioner operates on the three rows of seats, including specific outputs for the second and third, with the intensity adjustment capability for the rear seats, increasing the comfort for all passengers.
  • comfort and technology equipment are distributed throughout the vehicle, such as the “smart Entry System” which allows unlocking the doors with the push of the knob button through smart key. Also added the ignition system “Push Start Button”, simplifying connection and disconnection of the vehicle, without key. Also new is the opening system and electric lock of the trunk, which facilitates operation in everyday use, and the 220V output (100W) for charging electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones or cameras, among others. The multifunction steering wheel is also a highlight, with its ability to make calls without the need to have the phone on hand, in addition to operating the audio controls, multi-information display and cruise control.

Engine and transmission SW4 2016 is equipped with the brand new propellant 1GD (Global Diesel). It not only reduces the typical noise of diesel engines, and significantly improves acceleration at low and medium speeds, with reduced fuel consumption.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

New Toyota engine 2.8-liter (1GD) The Toyota 1GD 2.8-liter, four-cylinder line 16-valve, DOHC with distribution chain, has a variable geometry turbocharger (TGV), intercooler and electronic common rail direct injection system. This development improves the level of fuel consumption in the order of 11% compared to the previous generation, as well as performance, delivering 177 hp at 3,400 rpm and 45.9 Nm between 1,600 and 2,400 rpm (25% increase ).

Motor Toyota 4.0-liter V6 petrol

the Toyota VVT-i V6 4.0-liter, DOHC petrol engine with 24 valves, has injection system electronics (type EFI) and 238 horsepower at 5,200 rpm and 38.3 Nm of torque at 3,800 rpm.

New automatic six-speed transmission

transmission SW4 is designed to harness the potential of the engine. The range of relationships is broader and reaches better acceleration in first gear, while reducing fuel consumption on Friday, lowering the engine speed.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

With fins to trade on the steering wheel and the system “Super ECT 6” (electronic transmission), this transmission suitable vehicle performance style driving, the slope and charge level, achieving both excellent performance and durability and savings in fuel consumption. Regarding the current version, the first rate is 2% lower, while sixth gear, 19% higher.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

About technology applied to performance, has the steering modes ECO, for a smoother ride, with efficient fuel consumption, and POWER which ensures a more exciting and sporty driving. off-road capability

The new SW4 stands out by combining qualities that suit urban style, as elegance and sophistication, and the strength and robustness to carry over off-road terrain.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

restyling inherits the technology of the most prestigious SUVs Toyota, by incorporating an electronic switch to select 4×4, easy operation and preserving the aesthetics of the vehicle.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

new chassis was developed to improve the durability, comfort and safety, with the 20% increase in its rigidity. The body, with the addition of high-strength steel, have weld points 66 more than the previous generation, which makes it more rigid model. The new rear suspension system, the lower control arm was placed 20 mm lower, along with telescopic shock absorbers, provides excellent stability and control on roads and off-road. New driving assistance systems, and become the most pleasurable driving, provide greater security.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

Other equipment that facilitate the conduct of the new generation of SW4 in all types of terrain, are the Ascent Wizard (HAC) and Descent Assistant (DAC). The HAC is a specific system for maneuvering uphill automatically acting on the brakes during the match on steep ascents. The DAC is triggered when the engine brake is not sufficient to control the car in more abrupt descents. It sends automatically brake pressure to the wheels, keeping the stable control of the vehicle.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

Active Traction Control (A-TRC) is another present security system in the new SW4. Works when the 4×4 is triggered, allowing, on an off-road situation, the wheels can pull, applying the appropriate brake pressure.

New Toyota Hilux SW4 2017

SW4 2016 also comes equipped with rear differential lock system, responsible for making the rear wheels rotate at exactly the same speed, facilitating escape maneuvers in a jam situation, for example. security

The real strength of an SUV should be expressed by the tranquility and security that provides occupants.

to meet this requirement, the chassis and the body of SW4, from its earliest structure, they are designed to absorb and distribute the impact energy of a collision. To provide greater stability, the front stabilizer bar was enhanced by increasing its thickness, a new stabilizer bar was added to the rear. Compared to the previous version, the new generation of SW4 due to these improvements, achieved an increase in its glazed capacity of 10% on the front axle and 30% on the back.

SW4 2016 incorporates disc brakes ventilated four-wheel, plus the following active safety systems:

  • ABS brakes with electronic distribution (EBD)
  • Brakings of Emergency Assistant (BA)
  • Emergency Brake Lights (EBS)
  • Active Traction Control (a-TRC)
  • Stability Control (VSC)
  • assistant trailer (TSC)
  • Ascent Wizard (HAC)
  • Descent assistant (DAC)

ABS with electronic distribution braking (EBD) ensures the vehicle safely stop in any situation, regardless of the amount of charge, giving the driver the ability to maintain full control of the direction. In turn, the Emergency Brakings Assistant (BA) apply additional pressure to the brake system, so that an emergency braking is triggered, helping the driver unable to employ enough force on the pedal. The Emergency Brake Light system (EBS) turns on automatically when the vehicle performs an emergency stop, calling the attention of drivers who come back, reducing the chances of accidents. Stability Control (VSC) helps the driver to keep the vehicle stable in sharp turns or low grip, offering greater control in any situation. The system operates the engine response control and brakes, applying selectively, necessary pressure to the wheels, correcting the trajectory and maintaining the desired direction.

The Trailer Wizard (TSC) helps with the activation of the brakes and engine response, to keep the vehicle and trailer straight, offsetting the swing hitch trailer, caused by crosswinds during a trip.

the new SW4 account also with the highest level of passive safety, which reduces the risk of injury in a collision

  • Seven airbags: front and side for driver and front passenger, knee to the driver and curtain for both sides;
  • Seat belts three-point pretensionador and force limiters for the front seats, alarm indicator release;
  • Three inertia seat belts three points allocated in the second row, with alarm indicator release, plus three rear head rests;.
  • Two inertia seat belts three points for the third row, with two head restraints

with regard to protection for minors, SW4 is equipped with

  • ISOFIX and top mounting bracket (with ISOFIX child seat is available in the network of Toyota dealers); .
  • Lock for rear doors

color the colors for the entire line of SW4 2016 are: Polar White, Silver Metallic, Dark Grey metallic and Black Mica, besides the new, Pearl White and brown metallic.

Toyota Warranty

SW4 2016 as well as the entire line of vehicles Toyota it has three year warranty or 100,000 km (whichever occurs first). Customers also support the dealer network, which currently has 202 stores across Brazil, and owner of highly qualified after-sales service, and extensive spare parts structure.

prices the new
SW4 has the following suggested retail prices throughout the dealer network of Toyota of Brazil:

MODEL Version suggested price to the public
New SW4 2016
SW4 4X4 SRX 2.8 TDI 6 A / T 7A R $ 225,000.00
SW4 4X4 SRX 2.8 TDI 6 A / T 5A R $ 220,000.00
SW4 4X4 SRX V6 6A / T 7A R $ 205,000.00
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