2016 Shelby Baja 700 trucks

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for these finding fault with the departure of the initial Ford Raptor and those who can not stand firm pending new vehicle arrives for the 2016 model, they have no need to have to worry. This is for the reason that the subsidiary unit wholly owned by Carroll Shelby International Inc.Shelby American, who spent the final five decades in the construction of the most productive vehicles in the planet ever recognized, has now turned interest to off-road and moved to a Raptor. The outcome is 2016 Shelby Baja 700, which means the new model Baja 700 was constructed on the Ford SVT Raptor 2011-2014. The 2016 model car is the vehicle adjacent to the off-road sedan from Lamborghini LM002 manufactured there nearly 30 years.

2016 Shelby Baja 700 Exterior

Externally 2016 Shelby Raptor is an ordinary truck. One of the most visible external components and distinctive new truck is its front bumper. It was replaced by a tubular frame that offers an intimidating look. The new chassis features LED light bars that make truck looks much more aggressive.
party before 2016 Shelby American Baja 700 comes equipped with mesh guards to shield the LED lights shell, therefore enhancing the aggressive appearance of the vehicle. The LED headlights supply greater visibility substantially since the lights supply far more light compared with standard halogen lamps.

At the rear, the new truck ditches the bumper of the factory, and it was replaced by a custom steel bumper. This bumper has stainless steel pins and LED lighting pods. The new truck also comes equipped with dual chrome suggestions exhausting to the bottom, which is positioned on the appropriate end plate, providing the vehicle a much more elegant appear.

 Baja 2016 Shelby 700 side

the 2016 Shelby f150 truck would sprint 18 x 9-inch rims in size fuel custom alloy that are well covered with all K02 Course BFGoodrich tires. Tires play a essential part in producing the truck looks athletic and producing competent to navigate the rough terrain without having the fight, as properly. The body structure of the new truck was made by liberal use of components frivolous, yet difficult which are intended to reduce its total weight. In addition, the chassis of the truck characteristics an innovative design that will also support in the reduction of general automobile weight.


Inside, the revolutionary 2016 Shelby F150 Raptor Baja will function leather-wrapped color black and blue seats producing inside the cool and elegant. The seats are integrated with modern technology that can be adjusted to enable buyers to have a comfortable fit. The new truck is also equipped with an infotainment Sync card on the dashboard that supports contemporary connection options, including incorporation Smartphone and USB ports. Inside the vehicle interior, a present ventilation method is obtainable that permits occupants to change the temperature based on their needs. Some of the safety characteristics offered with the new truck contain automotive airbags and seat belts


Baja 2016 Shelby 700 engine

the engine and fuel economy are among the main helpful attributes. The new Ford F-150 truck Shelby will have its power and torque needed from a V8 engine with displacement of six.two liters. This can produce a maximum power of 700 HP and a maximum torque of 584 pounds per foot. These figures powertrain are achieved by the truck simply because of a Whipple supercharger displacement of two.9 liters.

It will be attached to the body of biggest butterfly and oil injectors, which includes an further robust heat exchanger by means of the Borla exhaust configuration. The engine is coupled to a mechanical transmission with six speeds, which will be accessible in two drive systems or two wheels in the drive program to four wheel drive. The engine will provide the truck a best speed of 135 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph from stationary mode in less than 4 seconds.

 2016 Shelby Baja 700 back

Release date and cost

Despite the fact that only 50 new units Shelby Baja 700 2016 will be manufactured by Shelby, the new truck is available for sale from the latter component of 2015, with the value of $ 90,000.

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