2016 Lincoln Continental Review, Release Date, Price, Features

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2016 Lincoln Continental is expected to have a good performance and luxury vehicles will be able to provide both. This will be facilitated some of which have been borrowed from previous models with various features; While others are completely new, while others have been developed from the previous model. As a result, the luxury car lovers eagerly waiting for the release of this car free.


 Lincoln-Continental NC-02


the design of the new Lincoln Continental is not expected that the company has changed a lot, the vehicle runs on the elegance eye protection. However, it is expected that some changes will be more like a few inches long car. The car also will receive a new large rear bumper to provide an elegant appearance. It will also have a new grid for developing eye muscle. It is expected to remain the same body size will be sufficient to move relatively bulky luggage. Wheel size will be maintained as one of the previous model.


2015 Lincoln Continental

In the Lincoln Continental 2016 2015 Lincoln Continental Concept details so upgraded interior, security and comfort There will be several changes to increase. cruise ship line will be used to help a large touch screen. They will also help knobs and buttons to control various features. steering wheel helps the driver to better grips for improved control will be covered with leather. This all seats in the car would be covered by the skin to facilitate the best comfort.

Many of the car’s rear seat and use most of the time usually is added as a result of more space in the back seat. This car will have a noise cancellation system to filter out unwanted noise. There will also be entertainment state of the art in this vehicle. In addition, the car’s interior lighting of the vehicle to make it more favorable there will be LED.

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2015 Lincoln Continental


This car is a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo and will be powered by a 3.6-liter 420 EcoBoost V6 engine will be able to produce as much horsepower. This will be communicated with the six-speed and four-wheel drive system. motor has to be completed with high fuel economy performance. This engine will be able to accelerate 0 -. Therefore, even speed the ideal car for people who, with 155 mph, just 6 seconds to 60 mph

 Lincoln-Continental-04 NC

Release date and price

Lincoln Continental depending on the country, it is expected is expected to be released in the first months of 2016, 000 and $ 100 will be sold for $ 60 minimum price, maximum price of 000, however, 3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine with the basic model of the estimated price in the US market will likely be around $ 75,000 .

2016 Lincoln Continental Concept officially the New York Auto Show (April 3-12 2015)
launched on April 1

2016 Lincoln Continental Concept New York Auto Show Galleries :.

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