2016 Lamborghini LP 770-4 Centenario Rumors

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April 28, 1916, then the world’s most luxurious cars in all the legends were born to create one brand. Now, in honor of their founding father, Lamborghini tribute is set to build a new car. The new super car named “2016 Lamborghini LP 770-4 Centenario” sincere will go with our resources.

Rumors of potential buyers in 2015 was presented with the car during Monterey Car shows a 3D holographic model of the week. I understand this is a special car and we will be produced only 20 models. Although held in secret details about the vehicle, something quick “bullet”.


2016 Lamborghini LP 770-4 Centenario external

we bring Centenario compared with other limited edition model has a slim design cars so we expect the same level with its founding father’s artistic preferences.

2016 will be built Centenario Lamborghini Aventador LP 770-4 Lamborghini on the platform and the external debt will most likely features including dimensions. According to the description of our engineers, Lamborghini’s a model we expect organic redesigned with a recognizable signature look. At the front, we will be a little larger air intakes located in the center expect a double-wing grille.

His headlights Huracan the shape and LEDs will be illuminated. In addition, the side air intakes behind the doors and windows will be larger power train cooling air channels. At the rear, there will be a carbon fiber wing to improve its aerodynamics. times square outline details of next year it will become clear; Be sure to come back for more.


2016 Lamborghini LP 770-4 Centenario Interior

There disclose little information about the inner currently Centenario new Lamborghini. However, we expect auto focus, offering exclusive luxury with this model.

Therefore, interior aluminum, rather than steel and premium leather material will be covered with carbon-fiber and Alcantara. We also expect to have two more luxurious than sporty bucket seats. Also in front of the drive will be a great HD multi-function display. Hold here for more information on the inside of the super car.

Engine Specs and Performance

2016 Lamborghini LP 770-4 Rumor may Centenario feature 6.5 L V-12 atmospheric Aventador similar to one of the power train. As the name implies engine 770 PS (760 hp) to produce power. Surprisingly, electric motors or to help generate all this horsepower without the turbo.

Power 4 th generation Haldex AWD system as well as the car will be channeled to all wheels single clutch, seven-speed transmission system. It uses adaptive magneto-rheological dampers that will be hooked up with a mallet internal suspension system.

Its carbon-ceramic brakes take all four corners of the ground. The amount of such power, 0-60 in about 2.7 seconds, “exiled” to the supercar will have a speed of about 220 mph and.


Price and Release date

as we said before, this car will be offered an exclusive class of recipients and will be produced only 20 units. If one of the parties with deep pockets to acquire all of us the rest of our world will be watching them in the streets. We car cost $ Centenario We expect $ 1.5 million in March 2016 th to13 3 rd We expect to occur during the Geneva Motor Show will be held from.

2016 Geneva Motor Show in the pictures


2017 Ferrari will be faced with the F12 competition new 2016 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 Special which will then appear. the new Ferrari supercar will be a more powerful 800-hp power train package

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