2016 Jaguar X-S Review, Price, Release Date, Features

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2016 Jaguar X S elegance and high performance Jaguar sports car than a sedan is expected to provide both types. . Elegance performance is made easy with a powerful engine and outstanding features is facilitated by modern and sporty design

 2016 Jaguar X S



this will be the car a wire Jaguar badge will be grilled. There will also be a lip spoiler on the boot to make it more attractive. This ensures that the body car body would be seventy-five percent aluminum aluminum construction with intensive technology. Using this technology is because aluminum and converted light and high recovery rate.

 2016 Jaguar X S

again, but this car will base curb weight 3, 670 pounds. These cars will be complimented by a long nose, a commission will have a rear window. this car will light using LED technology to make them stronger. this car is redesigned grille makes it a little longer than most sedans. The car also will be on using nine-inch alloy wheels.


2016 Jaguar X S


this new Jaguar X S, will be using an electric power steering system which allows the use of different steering modes, including normal and sport modes. The car’s front navigation will be showing four tiles will be an eight-inch touch screen. These tiles phone, climate, navigation and volume control will be.

2016 Jaguar X S

the control therefore make it easier to touch any of the four tiles that will bring an expanded view of a particular function. This car also will have parkopedi technology to help users find parking spots. In addition, it will also be equipped with automatic parallel parking and adaptive cruise control. Vehicles with comfortable seats will have a total seating capacity of five people. In addition, to improve connectivity and monitoring it will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.


2016 Jaguar X S 340 horsepower and 332 pound feet of torque.

 2016 Jaguar X S

the eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission and 16/24 mpg fuel will be the engine economy. for the sake of fuel economy is also a 2-liter turbo direct injection will be other engine options for this car will be a four-cylinder engine. In one version to another version of the engine will produce 200 hp will have a 240 hp output. Jaguar will also provide the car with a 2-liter diesel engine for optimum fuel efficiency.

Issue date and price

2016 Jaguar X S in the first months of 2016 will be released and the starting price of about $ 45 000 is expected to be expected.

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