2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pick up the concept, Price, Features

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the new Hyundai concept New York Auto Show had its premiere, the long-awaited pickup truck called the” Santa Cruz gateway truck concept “. According to the manufacturer, the 2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz has the ability to reach 30 mpg on the highway and was supposed to have a similar footprint of a compact crossover.

The claim also went to kind of crossover and sedan concept designers look for in a combo, this crossover and sedan shopping needs and tastes so well. Therefore, it was not a priority loads and design drawing process.


In summary, vehicles some expert , according to Santa Cruz size, price and ability necessary to fill a gap in the market in terms of.

 2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz 3 NC


Hyundai small accompanied shiny silver unveils 5-passenger crossover football gear, snowboard leisure and sports equipment and the need to attract consumers around is intended to be used to pull the rest of Santa Cruz called pickup truck bed. in fact

2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz designers thus spoiling the car’s design, unlike some other car designers placed between the cab and bed, managed by placing the right place at the rear axle.

This car looks sleek and fast, like a gate with a hood trimmed heel.


 2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz 2 NC


2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz 4 passenger vehicle with two small rear doors, help with input and output. When a small bedroom with a lockable tonneau how important these tools, with an active lifestyle, to put very stinky cabin, there are too big or too dirty or the transportation of people what they want.

The Santa Cruz area is available for comfort or cargo capacity, so that should come with sliding rear seats.

The engine and performance

2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz 190 hp and torque producing 300 pound-feet of 2.0-liter 4-cylinder should use turbo diesel. Santa Cruz maximum speed of 115 mph with this engine, and it will be a little less than 8.2 second 0-60 mph acceleration.

In addition, special Brembo brakes and must be equipped with air vents to cool the engine. As for fuel efficiency, as mentioned in the beginning, the majority of trucks in the US market to do much better this tool, it should be able to achieve 30 mpg on the highway.

 2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz NC

the price and release date

Hyundai 2015 truck features at the North American International Auto Show presented the new crossover model. Still a prototype, and no one has no precise information about how the handle. But rumors are middle-equipped 2016 Hyundai Santa Cruz is also slightly less than the US $ 40,000 needed goods.

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