2016 Honda Pilot Review, Price, SUVs, Release Date, Features

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the pilot went for a streamlined appearance Honda angular styling was done away imitation is the CR-V. 2016 Honda Pilot 8-inch screen and an improved navigation system comes with a number of interesting features. So really what makes this car?


 2016-Honda Pilot


in this 7 cars no one imagined that more fun. 5 USB ports, a HDMI port, game consoles to meet a 115V outlet, two 12V outlets and is available in all standard has two headphone jacks. Second row captain’s chairs will come with a new 7-passenger configuration ornaments more expensive for buyers will enjoy the comfort it provides. Manufacturers aim attract many families as possible to buy this car. They have many family-friendly features, including more seats and an 8-inch screen is for entertainment purposes so.



 2016-Honda Pilot

the attractively designed like many Americans, especially the pilot of buyers able to make this SUV and Honda’s Ohio plants will be built in California. for the upper installation level, it has been introduced and 20-inch wheels are all made of aluminum. The redesigned 2014 MDX taking a mark – the SUV also LED tail lights, comes with lights and headlights. model of the additional length and soft lines, with its dual sliding rear doors make more minivan-esque indeed. There is also an optional panoramic sunroof. In short, Honda, this car is stylish, modern, but muscle and external command takes pride in designing forms.


 2016-Honda- pilot

under this SUV is to improve the bonnet fuel economy manufacturer also ‘as directed by injecting them with a start-stop technology that refers Idle -Stop tech 3.5 liter V-6 engine. Buyers have an option of choosing one of two transmission; 6-speed or 9-speed has been included in this car. this is probably one of the lightest cars produced by Honda 300 pounds less than its predecessor. Anything less than 8 seconds, reaching a new Honda Pilot 0-60 mph acceleration and a top speed of about 130 mph. any official information yet about the 2016 Honda Pilot horsepower and torque is important to note was published. They are not definitive data consumption, but it will certainly be less than the previous model.

The price and release date

2016 Honda Pilot published by the manufacturer during an auto show held recently in this Chicago last according to the 2015 data will be available this summer. features and close to the current market price of the opponent’s given extensive consideration is expected to be traded on an estimated price of around $ 30,500 pilots. However, it would not be surprising to see a slightly higher purchase price.

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