2016 Honda Civic Type R Review, Price, Features, Release Date

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in 2011, the Civic is the European version then, Honda needed for quite some time (5 year) to release the Type R model. then 7 since made a tour record: Nürburgring Nordschleife, around 50.63 2016 Honda Civic Type R’s performance capacity undisputed

Honda Civic Type R NC-3



the aggressive bodywork has been modified hot hatch look simple and plain. the vehicle’s front, there are two located in the upper and lower grids. so also the way the car “sucked” to a flat bottom and rear diffuser redirects some air towards the front splitter is connected to the buffer in order to reduce lift at high speeds. Functional air vents placed in the top and rear of the front wheels. As for where the magic happens behind in terms of design, this.

2016 Honda Civic Type R NC-4

However, enthusiasts claim that outside is not excited and the 2016 Honda Civic Type R family from the early ’90s, reminiscent of minivans.


2016 Honda Civic Type R 6 NC

when external comparison, the interior is designed quite modest. as well as driver and passenger front seats are designed to provide a strong support and comfort of the statue back for a typical Type R models, the gear lever is made of machined aluminum alloy. The cabin is mainly black, but red details are found in almost all of its parts. For example, is decorated with red double stitching adds leather black leather steering wheel.

 Honda Type r


this tool is the heart and soul of the direct-injection 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder VTEC tURBO engine. further enhances low-end torque, the 2016 Honda Civic Type R 306 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque out pumps with direct injection and VTEC valve technology. This shifts the power to the front wheels has a short shifting six-speed manual.

2016-honda-civic-type-r-engine NC

5,7s 167 mph (270 km / h) and 62 mph acceleration improves the maximum speed.

As for the brakes, stopping to say this machine, they are four-piston Brembo front calipers 13.8 It drilled rotors and 235/35 ZR 19 tires that -inch clamping down.

price and release date

2016 Honda Civic Type R Official price is still unknown. 2015 Geneva Motor Show, 4 opened in March, but it is estimated

about $ 31,000 in costs involved it will be.

automobile fanatics Honda though HR-V-Acura-sports-variant is waiting for the release, it was quite a start.

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