2016 Ford Grand C-Max Price, Release date, reviews

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2016 Ford C-Max large minivan is the extended version of the all-new Ford C-Max. cars are manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. What we call the car of an MPV (Multi objective car) or VAS (motorsport activity), it does not change the truth that the interior is beautifully comfortable and extremely flexible with a wonderful drive. 2016 Ford C -Max before


It is great! Therefore the size will be as well. The minivan 7 seat Ford Grand C-Max 2016 is 140mm longer and 110 kg heavier than the 5-seat C-Max. Grand kit body has many accents and curves that make the exterior sporty look. The front is equipped with elongated headlights and fog lights, with chrome trim grille and huge air intakes beneath. It is also equipped with sliding rear doors for less difficult access to the third row. At the rear, the Grand has a energy tailgate that can open with just a push of a button on the center console or crucial fob. The buyer can even system the angular opening of the tailgate to stay away from obstacles.

side 2016 Ford Grand C-Max


the new Ford large C-max indoor 2016 genuinely flexible and incredibly comfortable. the seats are in a format 6 plus 1, wherein the seats of the second row can fold under yet another that creates a passage appointments via enabling entry to the third row. inside are many gadgets and gizmos with a best infotainment system -notch. Great is also equipped with several security devices such as air bags, rearview camera, parking assistance, commence-up help hill, and a new function named “seatbelt Minder” emits audible and visual alarms if any seatbelts are unbuckled.

2016 Ford Grand C-Max inside

engine, 2016 Ford C-Max functions

There will be two and two diesel engine type gasoline pick and add huge buyer. The two petrol units are a 1. liter that can create energy ranging from 100hp to 125hp and an EcoBoost 1.6-liter that can make energy ranging from 150hp to 182hp. The new Ford Grand C-Max 2016 diesel TDCi units are a 1.6-liter that can generate 115 horsepower and the second is a 2.-liter Duratorq that is attached to a dual-clutch Powershift gearbox with optional 6-speed. The two. liter can produce 138 hp and generates a torque of 236lb.ft and accelerates from -62mph in much less than 9.2 seconds. The 1.6 liter diesel engine delivers the greatest fuel economy in the range of engines (60.1mpg combined). Whilst overall performance smart, the 2.-liter diesel is the best choice.

2016 Ford huge C-Max release date and price tag

cost to the newly introduced 7-seater 2016 Ford C-Max Price big covers about 28 thousand to 30 thousand dollars, although it will be offered for sale during the last quarter of 2015 to the very first quarter of 2016 is a fantastic car quite convenient and comfy which is extremely nice to drive around and go around, generating it is best of the wish list for those who want to acquire a loved ones automobile.

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New Ford Grand C-Max 2016 pictures

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