2016 Citroen DS3 and DS3 Cabrio received Christmas Design Tweaks

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Citroen DS3 and DS3 cabriolet 2016 revealed the style updates updates Citroen spite see. DS brand as an independent entity aimed at the end of primary Citroen What is the market. automotive product life cycle track Periodic styling updates and usually outside, the headlights and taillights of a new series, it’s more aggressive body kit that was about it kind of thing.

Citroen DS3 and DS3 this formula stuck to the cabriolet, front redesigned including front-redesigned headlights and taillights and a square sees trimmed grille chrome inserts spattering and rear bumpers .

all-in-all, both models design tweak to get a bit of both models in looking familiar to continue engines and Floor models respectively. YOU now have the potential to go for fun two-tone look DS izin 78 have the option of different roof and body combinations.

 Citroen-DS3-2016-Update-rearcitroen- DS3-2016-Update-back

Personalization options with allow you to select different trim, roof went there dashboard and interior fabric finishing. Citroen also alloy wheels We have included a number of new designs.


a new 7-inch touch-screen interface input connections including changes in the most important feature for internal Apple’s mirrors and Andriod smartphone integration. air-con and new standards such as Bluetooth touch functionality.


DS3 compact cover and compact engine, seven and three power derivatives and two 4-cylinder petrol units are welcome ranging from 3-cylinder petrol. will be delighted with Tightwads fuel 4 sipping cylinder sub 90g / km of two power derivatives diesel engines will be available


DS3 Performance and come to the UK in April as a species will include a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with a short ratio six-speed gearbox has backup vocalist. ride height to be lowered by 15mm and wheel fenders are also wider front and DS3 Performance will be more aggressive look to support wider rear track.

 Citroen-DS3-2016- update-Front

Citroen DS3 Performance quick to point out that a Torsen although no GTi limited slip differential, including beater this short ratio gearbox, large disc brakes and 205bhp all spots for gT in the construction of a power output.

the updated DS3 and DS3 Cabrio range of £ 14k GBP, roughly başla an increase £ 700.

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