2016 Chevrolet Suburban Review, Price, Release Date, Features

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the new 2016 Chevrolet Suburban itself a good, took a long look and decided to develop a car and a driver what you want response. 12. generation Suburban redesign a car, this reliable tool comfortable interior, engine and drive with all the necessary technology is a sensitive business.


The new 2016 Chevrolet Suburban looks impressive at first glance. body is slightly lower than the more stable becomes a little wider and original. All kinds of light and can be a safe way, so that headlamps are IntelliBeam lights. to warn the driver of a car’s front or rear collision warning systems are in place. There’s also a way of hiding the blind spot camera showing what drivers. A cap-less fuel filler and a little easier to make quick trips to the gas station for everyone, comes as standard on all models. 2016 Chevy Suburban will adorn two new exterior colors. Red Siren Tintcoat and iridescent pearl Tricoat


 2016 Chevrolet Suburban

2016 Chevrolet Suburban Internal

the car really shines where it is inside. Special features list get too comfortable, it is a long one. First, for the front (of course vented) optional heating, and has leather seats nine passengers. You can also gently heated steering wheel and dexterous hands to keep warm in winter. Then, there are five USB port, e-readers, tablets and smart phones can be charged all at once and there is no stress on the dead battery. And built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for your radio and phone, the OnStar system and forget the voice command system. You drive down the road and the kids enjoy the infotainment system in the rear seat and use the vehicle’s blue-tooth system to keep your hands free eyes. touchscreen in front Sirirus Radio used to drive for maps and communication controls. And everything is butter soft. Chevrolet comfortable to hold for the car used in soft plastic and French-stitched leather and then topped it all off to keep it looking great. There is a head up display, at the same time and Lane Keep Assist, which helps the driver to stay focused on the road

Engine Specs and Performance

Yes, there’s more. With a lighter body than its predecessor, this car has great fuel economy; In the city the way a little less, is estimated to get 23 miles per gallon on the highway. All models come standard with four-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission is available as well as for rear-wheel drive. 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque as long as 5.3 V-8 engine and is ready to take any land it may take as much as possible.

The new Chevrolet Suburban 2016 can go 0-60 this would not be any need to go fast, though, and 8.3 seconds, has a speed of 140 mph. Why the rush? This car is something you should take the time to enjoy any driver.

Release date and Price

the 2015 recipients will make an appearance in showrooms in the fall of this amazing tool, you can attack the new SUV (sport utility vehicle) for about $ 48,200 for the base model. anyone who wants an extra $ 3,000 four-wheel drive and $ 65,000’ll kick the top-line ‘crops will cost. Chevrolet is a company that wants its customers

The respect I feel and know that they have been heard. This car drives into the community to design a car left the car and took everyone to enjoy all kinds, the result is open-minded approach. This amazing new model test drive slowly and be sure to allow blow your mind.


Competition There are very strong: 1000W “size =” (1000px max width) /2016-chevy-suburban-ncı-5.jpg new Lincoln Navigator or maybe the Volvo XC90.


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