2016 BMW M135i

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2016 BMW M135i

The 2016 BMW M135i represents an achievable performance package that’s not only practical, it’s also fun. And in 2016 guise, it’s probably better looking than previously, better specced than previously and better charged than previously. Additionally you get a three-year/unrestricted kilometre warrantee and 3 years roadside assist.

True, participating Sport or Sport-plus does add needless weight to the steering (with little real benefit), but it addittionally elevates the throttle from being slightly restrained and doughy in Comfort mode, to being even sharper and reactive.

2016 BMW M135i
2016 BMW M135i

Resting flatter through bends, you’ve kept to create the 1450kg, 4.3-metre-long M135i up just a little between corners – never feeling excellent agile – but its performance is capable and accessible. And let’s not discount the fun and balance of your rear-drive car.

The typical four-piston front/two-piston back M sport brakes too are progressive, providing solid retardation while being mounted on a clean and steady pedal.
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