2016 BMW 7 Series

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2016 BMW 7

The new BMW 7 Series 2016 model sequential 6-cylinder and V8 engine options. All engines will be sold with 8 forward standard hardware automatic Steptronic. BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system is optional. Plug-in-hybrid technology the new BMW 740e, also long axle distance with 740Le version. 4-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor receives a mixture of 326 HP 740e and 740Le models of maximum strength.
2016 BMW 7
740e model 100 km average 2.1 l/record fuel consumption. The car’s carbon dioxide emissions is 49 g/km electric-only engine 120, 740e km/s can go a maximum speed of and a range of 40 km with fully charged batteries. Of course when the batteries or when needed while driving gasoline engine kicks in automatically.

Germany’s Bavaria Province located at the Dingolfing factory produced a new BMW 7 Series is a world first feature of 2016 is a remote park. You didn’t hear wrong: Otomobilden, like remote-controlled toy car to park your car, as it manages.

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