2016 BMW 1 Series 3 door

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BMW 1 Series 3 door 2016

The brand new BMW 1 Series 3 door follows the recent launch of BMW’s 5-door model.  The 3-door hatchback is actually the same car as the 5-door model, with the clear insufficient two rear doors being the major design difference.  2016 BMW 1 Series 3 door the sexy and sporty M135i reaches the most notable of the 1 series range.

2016 BMW 1 Series 3 door
2016 BMW 1 Series 3 door

Its electronically tweaked and turbocharged performance delivering straight six engine (235 kW/450 Nm) has most BMW enthusiasts sitting up and taking note.

A view from the medial side reveals a ‘stretched and fluid’ character line that emphasizes two wide doors with frameless windows.  Its long wheelbase, short overhangs and rear-set cabin provides BMW 1 Series 3-door a menacing stance while its slightly sloping roofline hints at its aerodynamic design.  From leading the vertical kidney slats and prominent xenon headlights are instantly noticeable.  3d effects give character to a dynamically shaped bonnet and a striking shoulder line.

The BMW 1 Series 3-door is bigger than its predecessor in only about every way:  BMW says its 85-mm longer and 17-mm wider.  In addition, it has a 30-mm wider wheelbase and wider tracks (51-mm front and 72-mm rear).

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