2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Price, Features, Release Date

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70 are used for manufactured during Lagonda. Back then, a four-door will compete with cars like the Mercedes luxury sedan used the S Class. in 90, he still continued being just this year after production stopped.


remains hidden on foreign Aston Martin. However, the 2016 Aston from the official images of Martin Lagonda Aston protects Martin trademark design elements are clear. bonnet and back on signature grille

headlights picked a sporty look as well as the remodeled bumper, the lower part have been. the front fenders are enriched with staples Aston drawn heat press.

Aston-Martin-Lagonda NC-2016


2016 Lagonda lower rear spoiler slippery. Nor to add to the bottom of the exhaust outlet and rear bumper sports car Aston recalls.

What is the material used in the remaining non-production beyond the picture.


The internal precise details are still unknown, but some spy photos of the 2016 Lago looks amazingly elegant. 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda cabin with light brown diamond quilted seats covered in some parts design, high-end leather, introduces. It seems to be wrapped in perforated leather seat inserts. There is a separate seat for each passenger vehicle and placed between the seat ventilation, heating, massage and back.th transmission system and comes with a great support for the tunnel many other controls.

Papier Stan Aston Lagonda June 9

Engine and performance

2016 should bring at the same time unique and something special Aston Martin Lagonda.

2016 accompanied by the Aston Martin Lagonda, therefore, a 6-liter V12 and rear-wheel drive stretched Rapide expected (to fit long body) uses the chassis. this engine needs up torque of 500 pound-feet to 600 hp and produce.

such vehicle acceleration 0-60 in less than 5 seconds in the mile and 180 mph (need to develop a 289 km speed / h).

 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda 3 NC

> / 824px was only produced in limited numbers for the Middle East region and be selected by the company would only be able to buy customers.

On February 28, 2015 Aston Martin officially announced the 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda not available for recipients in the world, but will be limited. Now, the company accepts customer orders from the EU and South Africa.

The price is unknown, but is expected to go under the price $ 500,000.

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