2016 Acura NSX Specs, Release Date

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Many sport car lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of 2016 Acura NSX  which is anticipated to have numerous improvements compared to the earlier model. New Acura nsx is anticipated to have characteristics that will make it both sophisticated and potent.


NSX Concept


It is anticipated that there will be changes inside the car which will contain a reduce dashboard covered with red and black stitched leather panels. On the dashboard there is a massive LCD screen which will enable the driver see the numerous controls of the auto clearly.

The steering wheel of  Acura NSX 2016 will have flattened lower and upper sections. The vehicle will also be endowed with a thin wind shield pillars which are meant to give the driver a paranomic view of the road. There will also be climate controls choices inside the automobile to enhance comfort.



New 2016 Acura NSX is expected to be much more than three inches longer than the original model. The width will also boost by half an inch and the height also will boost by half an inch. The wheel base of this new model is anticipated to increase by eleven inches. The space frame structure of this auto will mainly be produced of aluminum and higher strength steel to give it power although keeping it light exactly where its expected weight will be about three,600 pounds.


The five block head lamps on the original model will be replaced by rows of 6 LEDs although the ducts and filaments have also been redesigned. The back will have a thin band of tail lamps which will spun the width of the car. The wheels will measure 19 by 8.five inches on the front and 20by 11 inches on the back. The vehicle will also have four piston rear calipers and six piston front calipers.


2016 Acura NSX Engine and Specs

The new Acura NSX  will be powered by the company’s initial turbo charged engine which will be a V-6 double turbo charged engine. This engine will have a power of 550 horse power and the torque is expected to be high even if the organization has not announced. This engine will be supplemented by three motors and will have 3.7 liters of fuel displacement.

The engine is expected to be able to accelerate from -60 mph inside 3,8 seconds. In addition, the engine will have a dual clutch transmission which will send power to the rear wheels even though the motors power the front wheels. To provide power for the engine the fuel consumption is anticipated to be moderate compared to equivalent sports automobiles.

Value and release date

It is anticipated the initial value of the 2016 Acura NSX will be about $ 155, 000. The release date of this auto is expected to be in early 2016.

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