2015 Tesla Model S electric car, Price, Release Date

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strong 2015 Tesla Model S P85D acts like a machine built on the mantra. This 691-hp of electric car batteries foot tappers, at checkers and impatient. Tesla, this model really makes this car replaces.so previous P85 model down 1.4 seconds 0 to 60 mph acceleration of 3.2 seconds part, claims that it has?


2015 Tesla S-P85D


to gain as more buyers as possible, the manufacturer seems to have won the game by applying very attractive adjectives. this red alloy black and metallic to choose from such as gray includes a wide range of elegant colors. road stability to improve on the car standard has a diameter durable aluminum is equipped with wheels. Its exterior is stylish look of elegance and luxury a perfect combination is not anything else.


2015 Tesla S-P85D

The 2015 Tesla Model S, although sucks the lack of redundancy in the instrumental panel along the inside of the large touchscreen stunning display is difficult to ignore the screen . seat cushioning and due to the nature of the materials used to develop support them while you look great and beautiful. It has a body which aims to provide greater passenger capacity and cargo when all three are needed. Other interior features include; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and USB port to support recreation and other public needs.


2015 Tesla S-P85D


. this being the case, the manufacturer of the world’s fastest electric cars have made some use of the most efficient engines is important to note that it is to serve its intended purpose. They AC 221 hp / 244 lb- ft pre-induction and 470-hp, 443-ft-lb rear gets elsewhere. it just seems easier for engineers to do to make this super room.

the rack-and-pin gear and a new perfect fit with the 85 kWh battery pack front-drive differential and a 221-hp electric motor to increase stability and torque. only important engine and performance-related disadvantages of excessive weight 290 pounds and 5 to 3 cubic feet of the front truck volume.

2015 Tesla S-P85D

the price and release data

this release of the electric cars is expected to end this year, although no official communication on this subject. description, to reduce carbon emissions to reduce global warming and save the world at a time when the climate will be looking for the best solution possible. This person will be waiting for help in solving this threat is one of these tools.

It is estimated to begin selling about $ 105 670 to the base price.

2015 Tesla S-P85D


You can expect the new Porsche in the near future competition Mission E

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