2015 Kia Sorento Review

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is used as the driving issue, but driving has now created what revolution? 2015 Kia Sorento is the top advice for consumers who want to shop for a mid cross-over SUV. Thanks to its large interior optional features and a generous standard. In fact, just under the skin and to release Kia Sorento 2015 will feature a number of manufacturers to redesign our there.

This stands in the way between medium-sized and compact sorento stedd cost. But not only earn points for their durability, it has also built up strong. Its electronic touch its leather and heated front seats are user-friendly addition.


 Kia Sorento - 5
his outside size mirrors 74.2 (in ) without a wheelbase of 106.3 maximum width (in), track width, rear 63.9 (in), track width, front 64 (in) with an overall length of 184.4 (a). Although she has external luxo SUV rivals Germany lacks a classic look. There are a lot of plastic on it. chrome roof rails, body molding, emblems, grille and front door handles with both shower Kia Sorento blingliness the rear lip. Its 19 “alloy wheels and standard chrome plus up all the beauty of rap. Lets stop for a long time, his angular body market.



 kia_sorento_2015-07 inside 2015 Kia Sorento has quite a number of specifications
full size. (in) Front Headroom 39.2 (iii), the second leg room has a passenger capacity of 38.8 new Sorento XL 7 persons. Pricing will match up to their inner approximately 95%. Very heating allowed it gives a touch of admiration ventilated leather seats. up to its highest volume of the sound system goes smooth, with a touch screen, giving her just where you need to go as it gives additional value to the navigation screen is very clear.

2015 Kia Sorento Interior Living


the new Kia Sorento has a 2.4L base engine size, with a double overhead cam type. variable timing 16-valve 4 are inline cylinders. valves allows direct injection. this is a 181 ft-lbs of torque @ 191 hp 6300 @ rpm 4250 rpm horsepower gas engine.

the tank capacity of city streets 348.0 miles and highway over 469.8 mil consumption is regular unleaded gas 17.4 gal. new version faces Acura, Lexus and its lookalike competition like BMW .

Issue date and price

Kia Sorento SUV in April 2015 date of different models will be available in LX, EX, SX and a limited version of the 47.147 in varying price -. 59,000 US dollars

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