2015 BMW i3 Review, Price, Features

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This segment of the world to step out and goes to prove that electric vehicles can take forward as an innovative front wheel.

2015 BMW i3 External

BMW i3 2015 is offered in two trim levels namely the base and the Range Extender. All three sub-flooring strips Mega World, Giga and Tera are world world.

2015 -bmw-i3-NCI-8

this car outside the signature twin-kidney grille another used car looks like an alien when compared with BMW SUVs and sedans. grilled him all the “i” is a common feature of the model is available in blue color. This is referred to as Frozen Blue color at the same time by car trunk lid, hood and roof featured. The front also raised a wide stance which combines with an aggressive appearance to the vehicle nose has big wheels and tall profile.

On the side, door handles, big and bold features complement the image of the tool. The beltline makes windows on the rear doors there is a long deep dip. mixed with a little back many design elements. It is hidden under the seemingly dark glass fascia and bumper shield and sweptback are summarized in flat and curved shapes are U-shaped taillights. i3 rides on 19-inch alloy wheels. Both use the headlights and taillights are LED technology.

2015 -bmw-i3-NC-7

2015 BMW i3 Interior

the 4-seat hatchback BMW vehicles, other cabin has a different style. Scandinavian modern furniture and offers plenty of leg and head room as well as ample cargo space. The rear seats also stand measures 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space and 36.8 cubic feet when the rear seats folded expand. Also 2.10-inch touch screen, a center display screen iDrive knob driver controls mounted on the cantilever.


important information such as speed drive images behind the steering wheel has a small screen. It depends on the selected trim interior trim. Basic Mega World Sensatec recycled flooring features.

Mega World, heated front seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel, automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, has a navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, satellite radio and HD radio.

Giga adds to the world of active climate wool and tanned skin, a mixture of olive leaf. This floor has been enhanced with soft earth tones, leather dashboard and open porous eucalyptus style. In addition, keyless ignition, a sunroof and a universal garage door opener.

The top floor Tera World Giga offers a similar style but has a very dark brown color. All trims are plastic elements, but other new materials will perform at the center, they remain in the background.

All models will be an option for Technology and Driving Assistant package. This package touchpad interface, USB connectivity, Bluetooth audio, with forward collision warning system and adaptive cruise control has been upgraded iDrive system. Self-parking system, front parking sensors and a rear view camera package offers Park Assist are also available. All models Harman Kardon sound system and has an option for 20-inch wheels.


Engine Specs and 2015 performance under the bonnet of the BMW i3

the 22-kWh, an electric motor powered by lithium-ion battery pack. The output of this engine is 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque is placed. they critically low battery backup is optional 0.6 L, 2-cylinder petrol engine there. gasoline engine. 38 hp and 41 lb-ft of torque points

The new 2015 BMW i3 accelerates from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds and is to reach 92 mph.


sends engine power directly to the wheels Unlike traditional hybrid engine sends power to the wheels in a turn i3 electric motor recharges. The battery can be recharged in three different ways; There is a standard quick charger that allows a full charge takes 20 hours because ordinary household outlet, it only takes 4 hours and you think it fast, you can use a special 240-volt outlet with a shock just 30 minutes. This charger is compatible charging stations are available. EPA ratio range of 81 miles on a full charge engine. range extender increases the range of 150 miles.

However, the range extender increases due to electric driving range petrol engine models overweight (330 pounds) dropped 72 miles to curb vehicle weight. equivalent (MPGe) mpg translation engine 124 mpg and 117 mpg for models with a range extender.


these figures are quite impressive; i3 rated at 98 mpg in 2016, but if left in the shade of the Chevrolet Volt, Chevy dwarfs with its 380-mile range. As the three engines should be tailor made to protect mode driving charge served them; Comfort, ECO and ECO PRO + PRO.

BMW i3 price 2015

BMW to get this electric car hands and soles for $ 43,350 MSRP forced to leave model and an upper range extender trim $ 47,200.

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