1971 Dodge Challenger RT Price, Review

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1971 Dodge Challenger RT is a two-door model and was one particular 1970 Dodge Challenger models. However, the 1970 Dodge Challenger RT model was introduced in both coupe and convertible body types during the renovation 1970. Even though 1971 Challenger RT is the revamped version of the preceding model was released only in physique style coupe for model year 1971.

 1971 Dodge Challenger RT front


frame of the 1971 Dodge Challenger RT was the unit derived body , with a substructure that involves 3 front cross members and two side rails. The cross in the middle of the substructure was named the K-member, as it was shaped like a K, and supported the front suspension and engine.

The 1971 Challenger RT model had not knowledgeable much adjust in its external style, except for a new plastic grille and rear panel. Up front, it came with a light, twin venturi grid panel, which was set in between the headlights, although at the rear, the taillights 1 earlier space was divided in two, integrating the reversing lamps.

the Challenger RT 71 was provided with scoops body-colored fiberglass overhang double air, facing every rear wheel, and it can be ordered with plastic, body painted shields elastomeric front and rear and a vinyl roof.
quarter panels and trunk, like rockers are common areas, as properly as the hood around the hood hinges and the brake master cylinder. Floors in common in the lowest Guidance footwalls can be corroded in this model as well, and could even extend the corrosion beneath the seats.

 1971 Dodge Challenger RT side


The Challenger RT was provided with interiors complete kits that include :.  

Carpets front and rear seat trim
 front and rear door panels
 seat back …
 armrest pads. The
 Kick panels.
 The castings pillar post.
The 1971 Challenger RT was equipped with bucket seats with built-cast of the head restraints offered in diverse attractive colors like black, blue, green, white, beige and gold. . Vinyl and leather upholstery are accessible on the model, as properly, but they had been only offered in black

Some of the 1971 Dodge Challenger RT common interior features obtainable with Challenger RT incorporate: 
instruments 
complete dashboard woodgrain. 
Trip odometer ..
 150 MPH speedometer. 
8000 RPM tachometer.
A cassette player or recorder floor installed with a plug-in microphone discretionary was the new inclusion and innovation is also a preferred item nowadays. The model was offered with a three-spoke steering wheel with woodgrain-rimmed as standard, although a 14½ inch Tuff wheel with padded rim was optional.

 1971 Dodge Challenger RT inside

1971 Dodge Challenger RT Engine

The 71 Challenger RT was powered by a 300 HP 383 or by a motor of 275 HP 340. the discretionary V-Code 440 Six pack was set once again for five HP of power to get the total output of 385 horsepower @ 4700 rpm and a maximum torque of 490 pounds per foot @ 3,200 RPM . He utilized a false overall performance crankshaft, connecting rods Magna cutback, heavy valve springs, intake of two.08 inches in diameter and higher stress oil control rings and exhaust valves with a diameter of 1, 75 inches. It also had the distinction of becoming the balanced foreign, one thing that was not accessible on Mopars. 2017 Challenger RT model was presented with a manual transmission and a series three-speed transmission manual 4-speed was optional

The engines were (supply Wikipedia).

198 cu in (three.24 L) Slant six I6
225 cu in (three.69 L) Slant six I6
318 cu in (5.21 L) THE
340 cu in V8 (5.six L) THE
360 cu in V8 (5.9 L) V8 LA
383 cu in (six.28 L) B
V8 426 cu in (6.98 L) Hemi V8
440 cu in (7.two L) V8 RB

back in 1971 Dodge Challenger RT

1971 Dodge Challenger RT worth

information on the original price tag 1971 Dodge Challenger RT was not accessible, however, today’s value for this muscle automobile legend begins from 40 $ 000.

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Dodge Challenger RT 1971 Photographs

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