1000bhp Hennessey All-Electric Supercar into Hellfire

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Chris Ward, the 13 th November 2015, 13 th November 2015

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Hennessey maybe constantly have a word correct pronunciation, but the company is outrageously at seem to have little difficulty in powerful supercars making Hennessey Venom GT, which its very modified 7 liter creates Twin-Turbo V8 1,451bhp and 240mph.

So why. 451bhp less power means SEMA can not take a step back to show the founder of the name of John Hennessey bearing company, he built a 1,000bhp all electric supercar confirmed that thinking.

But Hennessey battery technology still believe that waiting for the limiting factor and a revolution in current battery happen. technology predicament

Hennessey said: “I’m just waiting for the batteries to be light ‘ and it has more capacity. But I do not think it’s that far away. “

Hennessey Porsche Ferrari and McLaren, though technology offered by the likes of fans hybrid supercar is not interested in the building.

Hennessey is an all-electric power supercar or combustion engine missile creating traditional tried and trusted method sticking or is interested only.

if you ask a very expensive would Hennessey customer supply agreements to develop the estimated hybrid technology cars and is highly unlikely that a company that specializes in changing the technology cheaply will

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