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Toyota engineering and match can build possible car the best Europe has to offer, they can get how you can produce the Toyota’ll never forget boring it the most memorable cars so bland. Toyota’s cost-cutting accountants and tied Toyota and probably let the size of the creative hair and an empty tank can manufacture for these fleeting moments that you put into a room.

The size can form this 1968 Toyota 2000 GT 1960, perhaps one of the forgotten classics. . Toyota because we really do in terms of how it looks with 2000 GT nails But time never forget


2000 GT Toyota more it looks good, and the combined value of two British supercars more likely the next Aston Martin DB6 or Jaguar E Type, but not in reality would not be out of place. In fact, the GT version is limited to a range of 2000 makes it extremely rare.

2000 GT Toyota still like to count such a stunning grand tourer never really valuable because the main reason. I still get that Lexus brand or Toyota brand could be argued that to this day

The American Road & amp; A review by the amp ;. Follow-up in 1967 was hailed as the journal “one of the most exciting and fun car we’ve driven.” Collectors I see as Japan’s first front-engine rear-wheel drive supercar.


2000 GT actually designed by Yamaha and the first prototype was developed for Nissan rejected. Yamaha has proposed the Toyota concept they have agreed to the project, but the exterior styling has used the designer’s own in-house. Longitudinally mounted by the 2000GT were powered

developed 150bhp straight-six and five-speed manual gearbox which hooked. It also featured a limited slip differential and disc brakes all round as standard. Tokyo

Bingo Sports World, Japan are up for sale in the example above 2000 GT was the only production between 1967-1970. Only 351 examples will be made, and this means a super expensive price premium.

Similar examples have sold as much as $ 1.2 million dollars

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